Waiheke Island

Kim and Brad left Auckland and enjoyed two nights on Waiheke Island out in Hauraki Gulf. We took the ferry for a day-trip from Auckland and we got to spend part of yesterday with them on Waiheke, visiting beaches and wineries.

Wine tasting at Mudbrick Vineyard, Waiheke Island.

You can see we laid claim to this beach on Waiheke Island.

Today Kim and Brad head for the Auckland airport to return to the USA. October 25 will be a very long day for them. They will fly Air New Zealand to San Francisco this evening and arrive Oct 25 at noon. They’ll stay a couple days at our house before flying home to Wisconsin early Saturday morning.

Meanwhile, Dan and I check out of the Auckland hotel and head further north to the Bay of Islands region. This will put us out of email contact for several days. Internet access is expensive in New Zealand and hotels do not provide free wifi. While in Auckland we were fortunate our hotel was only a block from the Auckland Public Library, so we were able to take advantage of free wifi there. It was convenient to be able to just roll out of the hotel and into the pleasant, beautifully designed Library building.

Posted by Lucy 10/24/2012, revised 11/05/2012 by Dan

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