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Snippets of Life - Part 4: La vida hermosa

March low tides - another fantastic week of field work! This time around, we went to some of the experiment sites that I had not yet been to... which were located on some of the most beautiful beaches of Ecuador! Once again, I feel so fortunate to be in the field of work that I'm in. At the experimental sites, I would look up from my work and glance around at the blue water, long stretches of fine sand, curling waves, and puffy white clouds, and I would have to take a brief moment to breathe it all in and smile.

One of the beaches I got to enjoy, Playita, is actually closed to the public, as it is a very important and fragile breeding ground for sea turtles. But with a piece of paper that grants permission to conduct scientific research in that location, we get to enjoy a pristine beach all to ourselves!

Beautiful Playita, closed to the public

Another perk of the research permit manifested itself at another experimental site, located in Machalilla National Park. Entrance into this area is something like $15 for foreigners, but with a wave of our permit, in we go for free! And what a beach it is!

Machalilla National Park, where one of the study sites is located

A beautiful life lends itself to beautiful photos. Enjoy.

March low tides photo album

Posted by Whitney 04/08/2011

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