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...to give you a general idea of what I got to do for 5 days in Byron Bay, Australia.
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Rain in the tropics

It's RAINING! And by 'raining,' I mean a waterfall on my head. This makes Oregon's rain look like spit.

But I rode to the uni in shorts, sandals, and a tank-top. Haha. It's deliciously warm, except when you get soaked all the way through, and then have to enter an air-conditioned lecture hall. Ugh. I'm so glad I shaved my head, though! This much rain would not be nearly as fun if I had a mop on my head to worry about.

Oh yeah, and remember those little walk-ways through the trees that I mentioned? Not as nice when it's dumping water. I've been entirely against unbrellas my whole time living in Oregon - only Californians and ninnies use umbrellas in oregon - but here, it's just a smart choice. I'm going to have to use an umbrella for the first time in 4 years!
Posted by Whitney 02/25/2008

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