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I'm here. I made it. And I'm sweating.

Warm showers are a thing of the past for me. Cold cold cold. I have to get used to being sticky all the time, but aside from that, Townsville is great. The town is really spread out, so things aren't quite as accessible as I'm used to. But the tropical trees and wildlife are pretty cool, and the campus is really pretty. The layout is not gridlike at all, it's just kind of buildings in pods, with little walkways all over, passing through covers of palm trees that sing with all the different tropical birds sitting above.

I THINK I've found a place to live. I'm waiting to hear back, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It's an amazing house about as close to campus as you can get. For now I'm "couchsurfing" in a house with 3 postgrads that save geckos from under their car 'bonnets.' It's great.

I'll try to keep these posts short. So I'm going to stop here. I could ramble on for days, but until I figure out how I want to do these posts, I will just keep things basic.

So in summary, "I'm here. I like it. It's hot."
Posted by Whitney 02/25/2008, revised 02/25/2008

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