2009 Triathlon World Championships

Great weather, great venue, great race--what a way to finish the 2009 triathlon season! We're on Australia's Gold Coast to support Kim as she competed for Team USA in the 2009 ITU Triathlon World Championships.

Australia has been good -- the weather is sunny, 23 degrees (or 73 degrees for the folks back home), and just a light breeze. For the benefit of spectators, the course is entirely on city streets and parks (even the 40K bike leg) and folds back and forth several times past the spectator area.

Kim completed the Olympic distance course 40th overall against 635 women from 42 countries! She was USA's third overall finisher.

Of the 84 competitors in the Women's 25-29 Age Group, she finished 16th, and was number 1 for Team USA!

Team USA's top finisher in the 25-29 age group

Participating in her first "Worlds", Kim was taken aback by some of the team tactics and gamesmanship to impede challengers from opposing countries. Although triathlon is supposed to be an individual sport, she had to overcome a team blockade in the bike leg as well as swimmers grabbing and holding her to post a good time of 2:15:11 on the course.

Age Group: 16 of 84 Overall: 40 of 635 USA: 3 of 89

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