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Nik & Whitney, 2008
Made it! Great rock-climbing in Laos.

New Zealand, 2012
Kim and Brad, wine-tasting at Mudbrick Vineyard, Waiheke Island.

HS Junior year, 2002
Awaiting the start of the second half, the Rage's potent offensive quartet camouflages their set piece to keep opponents guessing. Two years later Lizzy, Erica, Whitney and Lisa would all be on the field for prominent NCAA Div-I colleges.

Whitney, 2011
Look at the transparent wings! Spotted on a hike outside Vilcabamba, Ecuador.
(Our kids have grown and are no longer posting blog stories here. Here now, are some highlights from past posts.)

Wildflower Triathlon a family affair

The kids decided it would be fun to compete as a team at the 30th Annual Avia Wildflower Triathlon over the weekend. They competed in Sunday's Olympic Distance Relay event. The Relay race is a supplement to the weekend's main events--the Long Course and Olympic Distance individual races.

Kim, the former high school swimmer, flew out from Wisconsin to swim the 1.5-km leadoff leg of the race. Nik, the former collegiate cyclist, rode the 40-km bike leg. Whitney, the former collegiate soccer player, finished with the 10-km run.

Posted by Dan 05/07/2012, revised 05/17/2012

We're finally in Australia!

Well it's been quite an adventure getting to this country! In a "quick" summary:
  • Original flight was LAX to Sydney with a 4-hour layover in Fiji.

  • LAX to Fiji flight was delayed to the next day, so I got put up in a great room at the Sheraton with overly-sufficient meal vouchers for the delicious hotel restaurant.

  • Due to the late arrival in Fiji, no flights were departing for Sydney that night, so I got put up in a beautiful resort in Fiji, with yet again more meal vouchers than I could use.

  • Finally got to Sydney, Neil and I had to sort out a place to stay (I guess most people sort this out ahead of time, but that's not our style). We found a house to stay in - $60 for a night, $175 for a week. Neil went with a week, since he needs time to sort out his permanent residence in Sydney.

  • The place is an absolute dump! It's run down, about to fall over, mold growing on the walls, mushrooms growing out of the ceiling...It's actually quite amusing, but only because it's a temporary thing. We can put up with it with a laugh for a few days, but there's actually a woman that lives there permanently! I don't get it.

Posted by Whitney 02/23/2008, revised 03/08/2008

Final race for Cal Poly

Nik completed his final race for the Cal Poly cycling team, the Wheelmen. The Western Collegiate Cycling Conference's final race of the 2011 Mountain Bike season was hosted by Cal-Berkeley at the Bailey Bike Park course.

Nik racing down the slalom course at Bailey Bike Park

Posted by Dan 11/14/2011

Victory at the California International Triathlon

California International Triathlon was another USA Productions race, and I'm definitely liking their style. They are the perfect west coast complement to Race Day Events in Wisconsin. With a focus on the local triathlon community, they have a festive atmosphere which comes complete with generous contests & giveaways, a race director named Ryan, and best of all, a post race burrito. Who doesn't love a burrito?!

The venue in Pleasanton was excellent and all the morning logistics were stress-free. The parking area was right near transition, the lake was available for pre-race swim warm up, and there were even real bathrooms with no lines!

Posted by Kimberly 06/30/2015