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Nik & Whitney, 2008
Traveling in Laos. Everybody pile in!

Whitney, 2016
Fishing boats returning with the tide. Vilankulos, Mozambique.

Nik & Whitney, 2008
The forest has come to reclaim its territory at Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

Whitney, 2011
Unusual fungi in the Amazon rain forest.
(Our kids have grown and are no longer posting blog stories here. Here now, are some highlights from past posts.)

Wildflower Triathlon a family affair

The kids decided it would be fun to compete as a team at the 30th Annual Avia Wildflower Triathlon over the weekend. They competed in Sunday's Olympic Distance Relay event. The Relay race is a supplement to the weekend's main events--the Long Course and Olympic Distance individual races.

Kim, the former high school swimmer, flew out from Wisconsin to swim the 1.5-km leadoff leg of the race. Nik, the former collegiate cyclist, rode the 40-km bike leg. Whitney, the former collegiate soccer player, finished with the 10-km run.

Posted by Dan 05/07/2012, revised 05/17/2012

Yay for a shower!

Well, I didn't make it to the very tip of the continent - transport was not really existent when I wanted to go, and seemed quite expensive when it did exist. But I went to Cabo de la Vela, which is still waaaay remote - where shrubby desert meats the sea. No running water. Just a few shacks, and accommodation is a hammock. Was good stuff, only a handful of tourists that make it out to this tiny pueblo. Yesterday, I bused it Cartagena, about 8 hours of travel after making it from car to car across the desert (a few hours).

Trekking around the scrubby desert land to arrive at a gorgeous blue ocean bay

Cartagena is a metropolitan area, and supposedly the most beautiful, enchanting colonial town in Colombia (I have yet to explore). Feels good to take a shower, sleep in a bed, and get internet (I guess it's only been a few days, but somehow the 'remoteness' factor made it feel longer). So I think I'll kick it here for a few days, wander the city, feel the pulse, and then see what's next. I find that I am not at all very good at staying in one place for more than a few days (which is much more expensive, as the buses are the most expensive part of this trip). I'd like to think I could just chill and get to know a place for more than 2 days, but so far no success (well, Bogota was 3 days).

Charming colonial city of Cartagena

Posted by Whitney 07/19/2011, revised 08/15/2011

Final race for Cal Poly

Nik completed his final race for the Cal Poly cycling team, the Wheelmen. The Western Collegiate Cycling Conference's final race of the 2011 Mountain Bike season was hosted by Cal-Berkeley at the Bailey Bike Park course.

Nik racing down the slalom course at Bailey Bike Park

Posted by Dan 11/14/2011

Early Season Ups & Downs

It's been a rough season this year, beginning with a minor fracture in my foot, which caused me to back out of the South Bay Duathlon. By the time Wildflower rolled around, I was running again, but at a greatly reduced volume, which turned out not to matter when I found out our apartment lease terminated on race day. Instead of toughing out the hot dry hills of the Long Course, I spent my day heaving boxes and furniture; nearly as brutal, but with no finisher's medal at the end. Morgan Hill Sprint in May ended up being the official opener of my race season, pretty late by California standards.

And then 6 days before the race, I had a bike crash ... on the Morgan Hill course.

I've had my share of topples, but this was my first high speed wipeout, and it felt like the ultimate betrayal to have my bike suddenly misbehave and cast me off so swiftly. I was fortunate that both my bike and I survived intact, if a little banged up, but our relationship suffered a major blow.

Stubborn as I am, I decided to race Morgan Hill anyways, and I quickly found that I had a new monkey on my back. I was now mistrustful of my bike, despite all our wonderful years and miles together.

Posted by Kimberly 06/28/2016