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Whitney, 2011
Ecuador's Machalilla National Park, where one of the study sites is located.

Whitney, 2016
Whitney's research team, sitting down to dinner. Sao Sebastiao Wildlife Sanctuary, Mozambique.

Nik & Whitney, 2008
Nik diving off Rinca Island, Indonesia.

Whitney, 2011
Whitney and friends at the top of Mandango, near Vilcabamba, Ecuador.
(Our kids have grown and are no longer posting blog stories here. Here now, are some highlights from past posts.)

Kim Travels Europe

Kim is now in her fourth year at Willamette University, where she is studying theatre and art. She is incredibly enthusiastic about her courses and posted a 4.0 GPA last semester. During Summer 2000 she worked as an intern for Santa Rosa Theater in Santa Rosa, CA. Fall 2000 finds her studying in London for a semester before returning to Willamette. With London as her base, she is having the time of her life exploring other parts of Europe.

Posted by Dan 11/24/2000

Ugh. I'm exhausted.

I'm wearing down. I've got a decent head cold going, and I just find myself exhausted and ready for bed by 8pm every night. The quick-paced, short-flame travel lifestyle is not the way I want to travel in the future. I'm beat after one week, and I feel like I'd much rather spend longer in a place, take my time, and not feel like every day has to be a "big day."

I've down about 8 cups of tea on the day. My head is still clogged and my body is tired. BUT! I had a great morning. I did the Canyon Swing in Queenstown this morning. It's 109 meters above the canyon floor, 60 meter freefall, and a big fat arcing swing through gorgeous rock walls and water below. It's much smoother than bungy jumping, there is no jolting or jarring. It's reeeally really cool, and you can go off the ledge any number of ways. And I did! I went 3 times, because extra jumps are only $10 each for the month of May (rather than the normal $50!). So I went 3 times, and did their 3 scariest-rated "dismounts": falling backwards, hanging upside-down and being cut away, and "Staff Choice"... they put a big plastic bucket over my head and pushed me off. Haha. That was a riot. Anyway, a great time, and a great adrenaline rush.

Then I got a Fergburger for lunch - the infamous buger joint in town that truly is AMAZING. After that, I was back on the roadside, hitching the 7 hours back to Christchurch. I found a straight ride pretty quickly, so that was awesome. Easy commute, saved $50 (and several hours) on a bus.

Gah! I'm running out of internet time. I really dislike paying for internet by the minute/hour. It's so frustrating.

Anyway, I'm in Christchurch for the next day and a half, taking it easy. I'm excited to get back to warm Townsville!

Posted by Whitney 05/02/2008

Like Ripping off a BandAid

Well we managed to extricate ourselves from Koh Tao last week. The trick is to do it fast and with no warning. We went down to check on tickets to Chiang Mai and found that it was either leave the next day or wait another week for availability, so we booked it and got the next boat off.

Goodells Rule!

Posted by nik 10/21/2008, revised 11/05/2008

Tri Club Party in Madison

April 23rd, 2010
Capital City Multisport Club Annual Kick Off Party

It's time to start getting excited about the 2011 race season!!

Posted by kim 04/10/2011