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Nik & Whitney, 2008
Whit and Nik's bungalow on Koh Tao, Thailand.

Whitney, 2016
The research team's office at the Sao Sebastiao Wildlife Sanctuary, Mozambique.

Nik & Whitney, 2008
Nik kayaking near Krabi, Thailand.

Whitney, 2011
Many-banded Aracari, photographed by Whitney from the canopy observation tower at Tiputini research outpost.
(Our kids have grown and are no longer posting blog stories here. Here now, are some highlights from past posts.)

The Last Supper

Whitney travels to the state of Queensland, Australia, to study during Spring semester. Having already completed her Honors Thesis, she will finish her undergraduate studies abroad and graduate with an Honors degree in Environmental Science from Oregon State University in June.

Neil will also be finishing his undergraduate degree while abroad, studying Business in Syndey, Australia.

On their last night in Corvallis, housemates hosted a themed, farewell dinner for them.

Read more about it here.

Posted by Dan 02/16/2008

Day BA

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, Nik and Whit were in Indonesia (oh yeah, if youse guys didn't know, we've been in Australia for 6 weeks). During this time in Indonesia, they met up with old friends Coleman and Mark, the first familiar faces they'd seen in months. With the world as their oyster, they decided to fly to the island of Flores, where they hoped to do some good diving.

Some of the Indonesian islands, as seen from above on the flight to Flores

In the coastal town of Labuan Bajo, the four began their search for the right dive shop. After some shopping around, they found their man, and easy-going local named Condo (Indonesianally pronounced "Chondo"). With the simple exchange of $50, Condo gave them what would be one of the most amazing, memorable days of their trip.

Posted by Whitney 02/24/2009, revised 02/24/2009

It Begins

Bangkok is one of those cities that makes an impression the second you get there. However after you get over the smell and the traffic there actually is some wonderful wonders to be found. We were fortunate enough to be staying with a couchsurfer and he acted as our tour guide while we were in the city. Our first day we made our way by train, boat and taxi to Canchanaburi where there is a train bridge.

Jen got over the wonderful wonders quick.

Posted by nik 09/14/2008, revised 09/21/2008

Kim returns from Europe

In Fall 2000 Kim studied in London for a semester before returning to Willamette. With London as her base, she made the most of her semester abroad and explored many other parts of Europe.

Always one to try new things, Kim managed to squeeze a 2-week bartending course into 4 days while in San Francisco just before returning to Willamette! At the end of high school she became fascinated with belly dancing, and now is an accomplished belly dancer and trained bartender, to boot!

Meanwhile, Whitney is in her freshman year at College Park High School, where she plays high school volleyball and soccer. She also continues to play Class-I club soccer. After two successful years with the Lamorinda Wild Things Class-I team, she now plays with the Bay Oaks Blasters U-15 team.

Posted by 02/02/2001