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Whitney, 2011
Ecuador's Machalilla National Park, where one of the study sites is located.

New Zealand, 2012
View from Waiheke Island, with the sun setting directly behind the Auckland Skytower far in the distance.

Nik & Whitney, 2008
Wow. Flying Fox at rest in Sumatra.

Whitney, 2011
Sunset at Crucita, Ecuador.
(Our kids have grown and are no longer posting blog stories here. Here now, are some highlights from past posts.)

Rare family get-together

Chances to get the whole family together are getting rare. One recent occasion was Aaron Cavin's wedding in Hillsboro, Oregon, where they mugged for the camera.

Posted by Dan 08/23/2005

So many new animals!

Almost everyday, I see an animal I've never seen before. I carry my camera almost everywhere with me in the event that I can catch one of these guys in digital format to share with all of you, but it's usually pretty hard to make them stay in one place while I dig through my bag to get my camera out.

The animals are so different and exotic looking to me that every time I see a new one, I feel like I'm seeing something that's near-extinct, something that nobody's seen in the wild for the last two decades, something that hasn't been caught on camera in over 45 years! I get so excited and start scrambling for my camera, because WHAT IF THIS IS THE LAST ONE OF THESE STRANGE-LOOKING THINGS THAT EXISTS??

And then passers-by smirk and tell me it's a common brushtail possum. Not just a brushtail possum, but a common brushtail possum... I looked it up - the "common" wasn't just to spite me, it's actually in the name. I did not find the last living wild Kirwaddledoopinger. Just a common brushtail possum that was trying to steal chocolate from a lunch bag at the base of a tree on campus.

Common brushtail possum on campus

Posted by Whitney 03/08/2008, revised 03/10/2008

Nik Bicycles Pacific Coast

After packing some camping gear on his bicycle and hitching a ride to British Columbia, Nik spent part of this summer riding his bicycle from Canada to California.

Nik still lives in Santa Cruz, where he spends time playing beach volleyball and going to school at Cabrillo College.

Posted by Dan 08/15/2007

Hello, Felt

I met this baby at Machinery Row Bicycles. We've been writing love letters back and forth ever since. It could be getting really serious.

Posted by kim 03/20/2011