Empty Nest

With our youngest now in college, things are pretty quiet around here. Whitney is beginning her second year at Oregon State University, where she continues to play for the varsity women's soccer team. She has become fascinated with Geology, and has switched her major to that department. During her off-season she looks for exciting outdoor activities to keep her going--skydiving, snowboarding, rock-climbing, surfing, and more. She gets to as many concerts as she can of her favorite up-and-coming musician, Brad Wolfe, and had a bit part in the recently completed movie production, 421, of high-school pal Michael Tucker.

Nik is now in Santa Cruz, where he lives a vagabond life playing beach volleyball, going to school at Cabrillo Junior College, working . . . and more volleyball. Interested in engineering, the classes he needs require him to split time between two colleges this term.

Kim has moved to Chicago, where she works, plays, and hangs out with assorted groups of art and theatre folks.

Posted by Dan 08/11/2005

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