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Dan I'm originally from Hawaii, but have been in California too long to call myself a Hawaiian anymore. I am a freelance computer consultant providing computer services to the real estate industry, small businesses, and home users.

My projects include setting up computers to multi-boot several operating systems. I've been dual-booting and triple-booting for years, but I wanted to install more than three operating systems. After a lot of research and trial-and-error, I finally settled on a successful solution. I've documented my multi-booting setup here.

Many Dell computers ship with Dell's "PC Restore by Symantec" system. The fragility of the system led me to my latest project: a program to repair the system if the restore partition is still on the computer. Read more about it here.

The total solar eclipse of 1999 was a big event in Europe, but since it wasn't visible in the United States it didn't really make the news here. I saw the 1979 eclipse, and chased the 1991 eclipse to Hawaii, only to be thwarted at the last half-hour by an unseasonal cloud cover. Here's my photo of the 1979 eclipse.

Trivia: My webpage debuted online Nov 24, 1995 - long before most people were aware of the World Wide Web. At the time there were not very many personal webpages online, and it was rather unclear what a personal webpage could be used for. My inaugural webpage opened with a phrase that reflected that ambiguity. Much has changed since those fledgling years, but one thing remains from that original webpage: that opening phrase still introduces this website.
Updated 12/11/05.