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New Zealand... ROCKS!!!

This will be a short entry since I'm paying for internet, but I think it's best to update you guys on what a great time I'm having in New Zealand! Yes, I'm in New Zealand on my mid-semester break, here for one week. And yes, it's incredible. I (probably) won't have pictures posted until I get free internet, but check back in a few days, because I've got some GREAT pictures! Although they don't do justice to the beauty of this place.

Alright, how do I update you on everything whilst still keeping it short? Let's see how this goes...

My whole trip is on the South Island, I don't have time to head up to the North Island. My time is too short here as it is. I stayed my first night in Christchurch, but left the next morning and spent the next day and a half hitching my way to Queenstown, the "Adventure Capital of the World." This is where all the bungeeing, skydiving, snowboarding, anything extreme happens.

Anyway, it's a gorgeous little tourist town on a gorgeous glacial lake with a gorgeous backdrop of dramatic, craggy mountains. My first day, I took the gondola up the hillside for a great view of the whole area. Breathtaking. However, "breathtaking" took on a whole new meaning yesterday, when I took a day trip to Milford Sound. The 4-hour bus ride took me through incredible landscapes that had me snapping pictures out the window the whole time. But once we actually got to the Sound (which is actually not a sound, but a fjord), I don't think my lens was ever closed!

For the 2 hour cruise up and down the Sound, I couldn't look up without feeling like the view in front of me must be the most spectacular view in the world. Thank God for a spare camera battery and 2 GB card! Actually no, thank G&G for those! :) Perfect Christmas gifts!

Me on the cruise through Milford Sound... absolutely gorgeous scenery all around!

Anyway, I took 260+ pictures on the day, and not one of them properly shows the majestic beauty of the place. Milford Sound was the most incredible display of rock and geology that I have ever seen! So powerful! ...But you'll all have to wait a few days to see the pictures :)

I've been getting really lucky with the weather so far. New Zealand is heading into cold, rainy, wet season, but I've had beautiful, crisp, sunny days so far (the rain comes at night and early morning). I'm in Queenstown for one more night. I head back to Christchurch tomorrow, after my Canyon Swing adventure (!!). It's like bungee jumping, but instead of jumping and bouncing, you swing wildly back and forth through a canyon. I've heard it's one of the most incredible extreme experiences around, with a 109-meter drop, and the option to swing off in any direction you want! Forwards, backwards, flips, pin-drop, upside-down... I'll let you know how all that goes!

Anyway, that's my life in New Zealand so far. Quite an experience, that's for sure! It's a gorgeous country with friendly people, and I don't imagine this is the last time I'll be here. I would love to take my time with the place, drive around, and really get to see and know all the beautiful secrets of the country. Maybe someday...

...but until then, this week will have to do :) Stay tuned for more updates and pictures!

Posted by Whitney 04/30/2008, revised 04/30/2008 by Whitney