About Whitney Goodell . . .
In a nutshell, I am a liver of life. I enjoy experiences. I try to stay active with any number of past-times: hiking, cycling, travel, camping, backpacking, volleyball, soccer, rock-climbing, riding my motorcycle, scuba diving, running... I even used to spend my time (and money) skydiving, although those days are past and I can no longer claim that as a current activity.

My formulative years were defined by soccer. I fell in love with the sport when I was 7, and from then on that was my focus. My childhood was packed full with practices, games, tournaments, tryouts, team parties, etc. The time and effort led to 4 years in the Olympic Development Program, playing at different levels from the California-North State Team all the way up to the US National Pool. This was an incredible opportunity to play with and against some of the best players in the country as well as play for some great coaches.

The exposure afforded to me by ODP drew the eye of quality Division-I collegiate programs, and with the combination of athletics, academics, and location, I ultimately decided that Oregon State University was the place for me to be. I played for the OSU women's soccer team for 4 years, completing my competitive soccer career in fall of 2007.

At OSU, I studied Environmental Science with a specialization in Terrestrial Ecology. I graduated summa cum laude in June 2008, with a degree from the University Honors College. I did not walk at graduation, however, as I had spent my last term studying abroad at James Cook University in Townsville, Australia. These months abroad would be the starting block from which I dove into many more travels.

After an incredible time in Australia, I continued to travel, having no immediate obligations back in the US. The following year was a fantastic dream of traveling through Scotland, France, Southeast Asia, and back to Australia for a bit more fun. Most of these travels were shared with my brother Nik, and we managed to live life to the fullest wherever we found ourselves.

After returning to America, I filled my time with amazing biology and ecology work opportunities, building experience and skills in the field of my passion--and I love it when I can find ways to combine that with travel - the best of both worlds!

I eventually returned to school to get a Masters Degree in Marine Biology at the University of Hawaii - Manoa. I now live in Hawaii, but have made extended trips to do field work in Marine Ecology on the coasts of Ecuador, Brazil, and Mozambique. I can't imagine a better life!

Updated 01/27/2017