Like Ripping off a BandAid

Well we managed to extricate ourselves from Koh Tao last week. The trick is to do it fast and with no warning. We went down to check on tickets to Chiang Mai and found that it was either leave the next day or wait another week for availability, so we booked it and got the next boat off.

Goodells Rule!

To properly do Koh Tao justice I would be writing a book here so I will sketch out a few highlights and call it quits. If you wanna know more you'll just have to go visit.

Yeah, part of the reason we got stuck

After finishing my Open Water course we just hung out for a few days and enjoyed Sairee Village, the life of the island. Soon we decided that we should do our advanced course, requiring a few more days on Koh Tao. We wandered the area, visiting many of the near 50 dive shops on the island before getting drawn in to one that stood out for it's friendly and lively staff. Over the next few days we got to do a variety of dives with just us and the instructor.

Beautiful day for diving

We ended up making friends with the crew there and going out most nights to celebrate an endless string of going away parties and birthdays and such, forcing us to stay for a few more days. Many days found us treking around the island finding bouldering, cliff jumping, exploring secluded bays and crawling through little caves. We moved to stay at one such bay and enjoy it to the fullest, costing us a few more days.

Lots of bouldering along the coast

Another reason we got stuck

More days, down the drain

Besides the people on the island the food was remarkable and we made friends. Most noteworthy is probably Zanzibar, which didn't know how to make bad food or crappy coffee. Many a day was planned around what and when we were going to eat.


It is just very hard when you're on the island to reason out why you need to leave. The food is amazing, the people are great, accomodation is comfy, the scenery is fantastic and there's plenty to do every day and night. All costing around $15/day, if you eat and drink as we did. We finally got away though, just as everyone was leaving the island for the season and heading to the islands on the other side. We'll be there in another month or so.

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