Congratulations to Nik, Ygnacio Valley High Graduating Class of 2000!

The new Millennium brings us to a new milestone. On June 16, 2000, Whitney graduated from Sequoia Middle School and the following day Nik graduated from Ygnacio Valley High School, which means we've seen the last of both schools.

Nik capped a stellar high school career with 10 varsity letters in cross-country, soccer and volleyball. But up until late-May, it was unclear whether the administration would actually let him graduate -- they seemed to think he hadn't completed enough courses in Physical Education!

His interest in working on cars and motorcycles has become an all-consuming passion, so in the fall he plans to attend UTI (Universal Technical Institute) in Arizona to study auto mechanics.

Todd and Nik dressed for graduation ceremony at Concord Pavilion

Posted by Dan 06/30/2000
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