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Fair Oaks Elementary at Camp Silver Spur
May 1993
In the Spring of 1993 the fourth-grade students of Fair Oaks Elementary School in Pleasant Hill, CA, traveled on a three-day excursion to Camp Silver Spur in the Sierra foothills made famous during the 1849 California Gold Rush.

I made this videotape over 25 years ago, and recently found it in a box of old tapes while cleaning out the attic. VHS copies of the original had been distributed to teachers at the time, but I don't believe most of the students have ever seen this video.

It's sobering to realize these former students are now approaching middle age, and probably many have children of their own as old (or older!) than they themselves were when this recording was made.

I digitized the original videotape, but the only changes made to the content were some light audio remixing to better balance sound levels, and a brief explanatory title page was added to the front.

Fun fact: the closing credits were written as a BASIC program on a Commodore 64 computer. The C-64 could use a TV as its display, so the BASIC program was run while a VCR connected to the TV recorded it onto videotape. High tech video editing secrets!