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Creating a Multi-Boot System with Macrium Reflect 7
This video illustrates a novel approach to creating a Windows dual-boot or multi-boot system. Multi-booting is the practice of installing two or more OS partitions on a computer and using a menu at boot time to select which of the partitions to boot.

Many people are familiar with using cloning or imaging tools to backup and restore Windows, but what if we could use the same tools to build a multi-boot system? That's the topic of this video.

This video features the cloning and imaging program, Macrium Reflect. The principles shown here can be applied to other imaging and cloning utilities, but Macrium Reflect has a nice boot repair function that makes it a more comprehensive tool.

It's expected you will already have a basic familiarity with Macrium Reflect, and elementary details about how to use the program are not covered. If you need that, there are plenty of basic "HOW-TO" videos elsewhere online.

It's also expected you already have a basic understanding of cloning and imaging concepts. If you need to brush up, see my companion video, "Principles of Cloning and Imaging".