Personalized Poems - 14th Birthday

From a Chrysalis

Kim has reached the end of her first teenage year.
She has blossomed into quite a girl; the evidence is clear
That she's heading for adulthood at a very high gear.
As she learns to spread her wings I see the time is drawing near
When she'll need to start her own life and she'll fly away from here.

But for now she's everything that a teenager should be.
She's a dreamer, she's a doer, she's an unsolved mystery.
She likes shopping, she likes music; where her friends are she must be.
She wears contacts, no more braces, grown two inches maybe three.
When I look I see reflections of her father and of me.

Yet the thing that makes her special is her own unique esprit.
Yes, she's influenced by her peer group, but her Kimliness is free.
She prefers to do things her way, it's no use to disagree.
And she'll follow her own promptings as she gains maturity.
Her tomorrows will be lighted by her deep-welled energy.

Copyright 1994 Lucy Goodell