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I was recently reflecting back on my history with beauty salons. I am a minimalist when it comes to beauty processes and products so usually my only transactions at the beauty shop are "haircut only". Also I find that my head is very sensitive and basically any treatment besides a simple haircut HURTS me.

There were periods in my life when I had trouble finding a day when I could wring out 30-40 spare minutes to go to a salon. The beauticians were lucky I was willing to sit in a chair for the time it took to do cut only. In those days I favored places where I didn't need an appointment and I could walk in and get a cut with whichever person was available.

I did try out many salons and stylists from low-end to high and I noticed that as often as not when somebody was cutting my hair for the first time they would get a frown on their face and make disparaging remarks about whoever did my last cut. Each time, I had my doubts about whether this new stylist really thought the last haircut was botched or whether it was just a way to win me as a client by vaunting superiority. I always took their comments with a grain of salt, especially if I had been HAPPY with the prior cut. So I took smug satisfaction when I finally got that spiel from somebody who WAS the same stylist who did the previous cut.

At one time I conceived a very clear mental picture of how I wanted my hair to look and I endeavored to have my hair cut just that way. I tried several different stylists on different occasions and none of them went along exactly with my wishes. They would tell me it wouldn't look right, or that the hair wouldn't blend properly, or whatever. Finally I insisted with one and had her keep working until everything matched my vision. It was the haircut of a lifetime. I got compliments everywhere I went. When I was walking in downtown Chicago, people would stop me and praise my haircut. It was flattering to me that more often than not it was GUYS who had something nice to say about it. (No, it was not a mohawk.) In fact, months later somebody saw me and remembered me from sitting behind me at the conference I was attending in Chicago. He said, "Oh yeah, you were the one with the KICK-ASS haircut!"

Posted by Lucy 09/24/2010, revised 10/08/2010 by Lucy
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