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2002 National ODP Championships - Picture Gallery

2001 Thanksgiving Interregional
Boca Raton, Florida

Invited are the four regional teams in the following age group: 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987. Saturday, November 17 is a travel day (afternoon practice optional). Sunday is a practice day. Games begin on Monday.

Game length:
1986, 1987 Ė 40 minute halves (no re-entry in the game)
1984, 1985 Ė 45 minute halves (no re-entry in the game)

Tentative Schedule
1986 and 1987ís play Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
(1986 and 1987ís may leave on Saturday)
1984 and 1985ís play Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
(1984 and 1985ís may leave on Sunday)

Monday, November 19, 2001
9:00 AM to 10:00AM
84 Goal Keeper Training
Field 2 (Karen Richter)

10:00 AM
86 Region I Vs 86 Region II
Field 1

11:00 AM
87 Region III Vs 87 Region IV
Field 2

1:00 PM
87 Region I Vs 87 Region II
Field 1

2:00 PM
86 Region III Vs 86 Region IV
Field 2

Tuesday, November 20, 2001
9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
86 Goal Keeper Training
Field 2 (Karen Richter)

10:00 AM
84 Region I Vs 84 Region II
Field 1

11:00 AM
85 Region III Vs 85 Region IV
Field 2

1:00 PM
85 Region I Vs 85 Region II
Field 1

2:00 PM
84 Region III Vs 84 Region IV
Field 2

Wednesday, November 21, 2001
9:00AM to 10:00 AM
85 Goal Keeper Training
Field 2 (Karen Richter)

10:00 AM
87 Region II Vs 87 Region III
Field 1

11:00 AM
86 Region IV Vs Region I
Field 2

1:00 PM
87 Region IV Vs Region I
Field 1

2:00 PM
86 Region II Vs Region III
Field 2

Thursday, November 22, 2001 Happy Thanksgiving ** please check game times**
9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
87 Goal Keeper Training
Field 2 (Karen Richter)

10:00 AM
84 Region IV Vs 84 Region I
Field I

11:00 AM
85 Region II Vs 85 Region III
Field 2

12:00 AM
85 Region IV Vs 85 Region I
Field 1

1:00 PM
84 Region II Vs 84 Region III
Field 2

Friday, November 23, 2001
10:00 AM
86 Region II Vs 86 Region IV
Field 1

11:00 AM
87 Region I Vs 87 Region III
Field 2

1:00 PM
87 Region II Vs 87 Region IV
Field 1

2:00 PM
86 Region I Vs 86 Region III
Field 2

Saturday, November 24, 2001
10:00 AM
84 Region II Vs 84 Region IV
Field 1

11:00 AM
85 Region I Vs 85 Region III
Field 2

1:00 PM
85 Region II Vs 85 Region IV
Field 1

2:00 PM
84 Region I Vs 84 Region III
Field 2

Championships will be awarded on the basis of play: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie. Championship: most points. Tiebreakers:
#1. Head to head
#2. Goal differential
#3. Goals for
#4. Goals against
#5. Penalty kicks

A complete training schedule will follow. I am working on the field availability with Coach Donev. For Saturday training, please e-mail me with the times that you would be interested in filling. For Sunday, training is as followed:
9:00 AM Region I Fields 1,2,3,4.
11:00 AM Region III Fields
1:00 PM Region II Fields
3:00 PM Region IV Fields

We are staying at the Embassy Suites, Boca Raton ($75/ night includes breakfast). Unfortunately, the meal contract with FAU was not signed, so we are currently working on an alternate plan for meals.

2000 Girls ODP Interregional
U16 National Pool List

Kim Bonilla, I
Sheree Gray, I
Ashley Kirk, I
Heather O'Reilly, I
Elizabeth Reed, I
Megan Schnur, I
Jen Buczkowski, II
Nicole Cauzillo, II
Ali Christoph, II
Molly Kruger, II
Jessica Rostedt, II
Julie Ryder, II
Becky Sauerbrunn, II
Ashlyn Harris, III
Elizabeth Jobe, III
Olivia O'Rear, III
Megan Tuura, III
Rachel Buehler, IV
Amy Burlingame, IV
Arianna Criscione, IV
Christina Estrada, IV
Kari Evans, IV
Shannon Foley, IV
Stacy Lindstrom, IV
Katherine Mahoney, IV
Kathryn Ursini, IV
Angela Woznuk, IV

US U19 Girls National Top 32 Pool
November 2000

The following players were selected as the top players (1983 birth year and younger) in the ODP Inter-regional Event in Boca Raton over Thanksgiving.

Jessica Ballweg, I
Kim Francis, I
Noelle Keselica, I
Kristi LeFebvre, I
Julie Napolitano, I
Nikki Lieb, I
Heather O'Reilly, I
Taline Tahmassian, I
Jessica Trainor, I
Mary Boland, II
Katie Bunch, II
Lori Chalupny, II
Keeley Dowling, II
Jamie Fabrizio, II
Leslie Osborne, II
Sara Randolph, II
Lindsay Tarpley, II
Kate Taylor, II
Kristen Weiss, II
Ashlyn Harris, III
Sara Huffman, III
Amy Steadman, III
Rachel Buehler, IV
Kim Bingham, IV
Brittany Cooper, IV
Stephanie Ebner, IV
Hayley Hunt, IV
Stacy Lindstrom, IV
Mallory Moser, IV
Jill Oakes, IV
Katie Rivera, IV
Natalie Sanderson, IV

US Youth Soccer National Girls ODP Interregional Tournament Summary

The US Youth Soccer National ODP Interregional is a competition and showcase for the top Regional ODP teams in four age groups, in each of the four regions of US Youth Soccer. This year over 80 college coaches descended upon Florida Atlantic University, in Boca Raton, FL, to watch the top 16 Regional ODP teams and the US U16 National Team compete. The US Youth Soccer National ODP Interregional gives the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) National Team coaches an opportunity to evaluate the players during a highly competitive competition, with some of these girls being chosen to join the Womenís National Team player pool.

This year, an initial player pool was selected from the U17 teams and these players may represent the Unites States in the 2002 FIFA U19 World Cup. Over the next two years, a pool of players from across the country will be narrowed down to fill the 18 roster spots. This is the first ever World Cup for youth girls. The pool players list will be released on December 10, 2000.

The following is a summary of the competition.

Day 1: Monday, November 20, 2000.


The US Youth Soccer National Girls ODP Interregional got underway on Monday at Florida Atlantic University, with the 1983 girls from Region I taking on Region IV. Taline Tahmassian (VA) led the way for Region I as she knocked in two goals and got the assist on the Tiffany Weiner (CT) goal. Sue Flamini (NJ) and Nicola DePalma (NY) were credited with assists on the goals by Tahmassian. Region I goalkeepers Kelly Fitzgerald (VA) and Lindsay Shover (PA) held off Region IV for the shutout victory. Final score Region I 3 - Region IV 0.

After each match, the opposing coaches were asked to note players from the other team that they felt had an outstanding game. Players from the Region I team receiving special mention were Kim Francis (PA), Jessica Ballweg (NJ), Amy Grady (CT), and Jess Trainor (NJ). Region IV players Kim Taylor (CA), Sarah Lombardo (CA), and Jenny Anderson (CA) were noted for the exceptional play in the loss.

The twilight game featured the US U16 National team versus the Region III 1983 girls. The National Team posted two goals and held Region III scoreless for a 2-0 win. Scoring goals for the National Team were Kristen Weiss (OH) and Kristi Lefebvre (VT). The assists were given to Marian Dalmy (CO) and Sarah Huffman (TX). Goalkeeper Kim Bingham (CA) recorded the shutout playing all 90 minutes.

After each match, the opposing coaches were asked to note players from the other team that they felt had an outstanding game. Region III player Kelly Wilson (TX) and National Team players Lori Chalupny (MO) and Amy Steadman (NC) received special notice for their great play.

Day 2: Tuesday, November 21, 2000.


The second day of competition at the US Youth Soccer National Girls ODP Interregional saw a full slate of game with all age groups getting underway. The 1986 Regional teams kicked things off with Region I taking on Region II on Field 2, and Region III battling Region IV on Field 3. On Field 2, Region Iís Caitlin Burke (NH) scored the lone goal in the 78th minute and goalies Corinne Rozem (NY) and Ariel Sherman (NY) stopped all shots for the 1-0 win.

The game on Field 3 also saw a shutout. Region III got goals from Ashley Toussaint (GA) and Kelsey Carpenter (TX) to defeat Region IV 2-0. Assisting on the Carpenter goal was Meredith Kohn (GA). Lauren Karas (TX) and Megan Vickery (GA) recorded the shutout in goal for Region III.

After each match, the opposing coaches were asked to note players from the other team that they felt had an outstanding game. From Region I, outstanding play was noted from Susie Weber (NY), Yael Averbuch (NJ) and Lorraine Quinn (NY). Region II honors went to Nikki Tizzano OH), Cynthia Marote (IL), and Stephanie Krutsch (MN). From Region III, Lindsey Beam (SC), Ariel Harris (NC), Melissa Garey (LA), and Amanda Andrews (NC) received praise. Region IV players Alicia Piz (CO), Caroline Lea (CO), and Brandy Williams (CA) stood out with their exceptional play.


The 1985 age group played their opening games of the competition at noon, and featured the tournaments first tie. Region I and Region II battled for 80 minutes but neither one was able to get a shot past the goalkeepers. Region I was led by keepers Kim Davis (NJ) and Laura Comeau (NH) while Julie Ryder (IL) and Lana Banneman (IL) recorded the shutout for Region II.

Special mention for outstanding play went to Region I players Kim Bonilla (VA), Heagther OíReilly (NJ) and Sheree Gray (NJ) along with Region II players Jessica Rostedt (OH), Ali Christoph (OH) and Becky Sauerbrunn (MO).

The other game in this age group, pitted Region IV against Region III. Region IV dominated the match posting a 3-0 win. Katlyn Ursini (CA) led the way with a goal and an assist. Tina Estrada (CA) scored a goal from Ursiniís assist. Angela Woznuk (CA), with Adele Letro (CA) assisting on the play, volleyed in the last goal. Goalie Arianna Criscione (CA) played the entire game and got the shutout for Region IV. Players that received special honor for their play were from Region III Ashley Foster (GA), Jenny Carloss (TX), Elizabeth Jobe (GA) and Olivia OíRear (TX). Players from the Region IV team included Arianna Criscione (CA) and Shannon Foley (CA).


The matinee games featured the1984 age group. Their first games of the tournament saw Region I taking on Region II, and Region III matched up against Region IV. On field 2, Region I held on to beat Region II 2-1. Scoring goals for Region I were Kelly Evans (NJ) and Lydia McBath (VA). Assisting on the goals were Kate Seibert (PA) and Manya Makoski (CT) respectively. The Region II goal was put in by Colleen Hoban (OH) assisted by Heather Ferron (WI). Region I keeper Megan Jessee (PA) notched a shutout for her work in the first half. Not be out done, Region II goalie Emily Kowalzyk (OH) matched her counterpart keeping the game scoreless at the half.

Receiving special note for outstanding play were Kate Seibert (PA), Kelly Hammond (MD) and Ali Krieger (VA) from Region I and Bailey Walkup (IA) and Leah Tapscott (WI) from Region II.

The other game in this age group ended knotted up 1-1. Scoring the goal for Region IV was Jill Oakes (CA) from an assist by Pam Karakusis (CO). Scoring for Region III was Geneil Newbern (TN) off of assists by fellow Tennesseean Jessica Bransford (TN). Brittni Goodwin (FL) saved all shots, on her way to a shutout in her half of play in goal for Region III.

Players noted for great performances were Ashley Eason (TN) and Kendall Fletcher (NC) from Region III and Brittany Cooper (NM), Alicia True (CA), and Jennifer Farenbaugh (CA) from Region IV.


The 1983 age group continued play on Tuesday with games between Region IV and Region II followed by the US U16 National Team schedule against Region I. In the first game, Region II, playing in their first game of the week, received a full three points with the win. Final score 1-0. Mary Boland (OH) scored the only goal for Region II with an assist by Lindsay Tarpley (MI). Goalkeeper Kate Taylor (WI) recorded the shutout.

Carmen Bognanno (MO) and Kayla Lockaby (OH) received praise for their individual performances during the game as did Natalie Sanderson (CA), Megan Kakadelas (CA) and Jenny Anderson (CA) from Region IV.

In the nightcap, the US U16 National Team played Region I with the National Team coming out on top 2-0. Goals were scored by Kristen Weiss (OH) and Katie Revera (CA).

Receiving praise for their play were Tiffany Weimer (CT), Sue Flamini (NJ) and Jessica Ballweg (NJ) from Region I.

Day 3: Wednesday, November 22, 2000.


With Thanksgiving, and a much needed off day tomorrow, the teams at the US Youth Soccer National Girls ODP Interregional wanted to go into the break with a good showing. The day was filled with spectacular goals, hard challenges and exceptional sportsmanship. In the morning matches, the 1986 Region II and Region III teams played to a 0-0 tie. The game was highlighted by terrific defensive play by both teams.

Region II outstanding players were led by a triplet of girls from Michigan, Melissa Dobbyn (MI), Marissa Sarkesian (MI), Erin Doan (MI) and Stephanie Krutsch (MN). Receiving honor on the Region III team were Ariel Harris (NC), Kelsey Carpenter (TX), Lindsey Beam (SC), and Amanda Andrews (NC).

In the other game, Region I outlasted Region IV in a 2-0 battle. Yael Averbuch (NJ) scored the first goal in the 3rd minute off of an assist by Lisa Nowakowski (CT). The second goal was in the 51st minute from Kristen Ponchitera (NY) off of a free kick.

Receiving praise was Casey Blanford (MD) and Kia McNeill (CT) From Region I. Caroline Lea (CO), Stephanie Lopez (CA) and Whitney Goodell (CA) received special mention from Region IV for outstanding play.


Battling high winds, the noon games pitted Region II versus Region III, and Region IV versus Region I. In the contest between Region II and Region III, Daniell Guempel (MO) scored the game winner in a tightly contested match. Ali Christoph (OH) got credit for the assist on the game winner. Region II struck first with a goal by Jessica Rostedt (OH) assisted by Natalie Horner (MN). Region III battled and Olivia OíRear (TX) got behind the defense on an excellent Ashley Foster (GA) pass to get Region III on the board. Both teams battled hard in the last several minutes but Region II held on to win 2-1.

Special mention went to goalkeeper Julie Ryder (IL) for her first half of scoreless play. Becky Sauerbrunn (MO), Ali Christoph (OH) and Nicole Cauzillo (MI) also received praise. Strong Region III players were Ashley Foster (GA) and India Trotter (FL).

In the second match, Region IV came out on top 2-0 on two first half goals. The first was from Amy Burlingham (CA) from 30 yards out on a pass from Katlyn Ursini (CA). Tina Estrada (CA) scored just before halftime on a breakaway goal.

Kari Evans (AZ), Nadia Al-Lami (CA), and Natalie Budge (OR) from Region IV were noted for their great play. Sheree Gray (NJ), Nikki Cross (MA) and Sarah Johnson (MN) from Region I also were noted for their strong games.


The 1984 games saw two lopsided contests. In the first match, Region IV easily handled Region I 5-0. Region IV goals were put in by five different people all hailing from California. Laure Zealer (CA), Rubi Sandoval (CA), Jill Oakes (CA), Jamie Mangiardi (CA) and Jennifer Montgomery (CA) put the points on the board for Region IV. Judy Coffman (CA) led the way in the assist column with two, followed by Brittany Cooper (NM) and Romy Trigg-Smith (HI). The goal by Jill Oakes was unassisted. Anna Key (CA), from Region IV, has a strong game in goal. Others from Region IV receiving special mention for strong play were Pam Karakusis (CO), Ali True (CA) and Lindsey Hunt (CA).

The other 1984 game had Region II shutting out Region III 3-0. Emma Harris (MI) led her team in scoring with a goal and an assist. Others tallying goals were Lori King (IL) and Kristen Zmljwewski (IL). Credited with assists along with Harris were Leah Tapscott (WI) and Carolyn Riggs (IN). Cindy Bennett (MI) and Emily Kowalczyk (OH) combined in goal for the shutout.

Three players from Tennessee, Jessica Bransford (TN), Ashley Eason (TN), and Geneil Newbern (TN), were cited for their great play for Region III.


Rounding out the dayís competition were the 1983 teams. The first match had Region I meeting up with Region III. The star of the game was Tiffany Wiemer (CT). The Region I player scored both goals for her team on way to a 2-0 victory. Getting credit with assisting Tiffany on her goals were Lindsay Fairweather (MA) and Liz Roberti (NY) respectively. Region I players receiving commendation were Katie Beal (VA), Sue Flamini (NJ) and Amy Grady (CT).

The feature match of the night had the US U16 National Team taking on Region II. In what many observers called the best girls youth match at any US Youth Soccer National ODP Interregional, the U16 Womenís National Team defeated Region II 1-0. National Team member Lori Chalupny (MO) scored the goal from a brilliant run in the first 10 minutes from a pass from Noelle Kesilica (MD). National Team goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris (FL) made several excellent saves, especially in the last 20 minutes as Region II pushed forward. The pace of the match was incredibly fast the entire 90 minutes, with both teams receiving an extended ovation from parents, spectators, National Team and college coaches.

Those receiving special recognition for outstanding play were Amy Steadman (NC), Sarah Huffman (TX), and Stacy Lindstrom (CA) from the National Team, and Kelly Dowling (IN), Carmen Bognanno (MO), Leslie Osborne (WI), Sara Randolph (OH), and Kate Taylor (WI) from the Region II team.

Day 4: Friday, November 24, 2000.


Coming back after the day off, Fridayís games had significant importance. In some age groups, the matches today decided who moved into the finals on Saturday. The day got started with the 1986 age group. In the first match, Region III took on Region I. Region III needed a tie or win to move in to the finals, and win they did. Region III dominated bracket leader Region I, 5-0. Ashley Toussaint (GA) led the way for Region III recording a hat trick. Melissa Garay (LA) and Meredith Kohn (GA) scored the other two goals for Region III. Other outstanding players from Region III were Linda Pierson (TX), Stephanie Logterman (TX) and Amanda Andrews (NC). Receiving special note from Region I were Susan Weber (NY), Kia McNeill (CT), and Lorraine Quinn (NY).

In the other 1986 game, Region IV matched up against Region II. Region IV scored an impressive shutout win 2-0. Kira Sarkisian (CA) scored both goals with assists from teammates Caroline Lea (CO) and Alicia Piz (CO). Breanna Truelove (CA) recorded the shutout in goal. Region IV player Stephanie Lopez (CA) also received special mention. Receiving commendation from Region II were Melissa Dobbyn (MI), Leslie Vineyard (MO), and Shannon Cusick (WI).


At noon, under ominously looking skies, Region I battled Region III. Needing a win to advance to the finals, Region I eked by Region III 4-3. A report on the goal scorers for Region I was not submitted. Region IIIís, Olivia OíRear (TX) supplied the offense, scoring a hat trick in the losing effort. Amy Berend (TX) and Daelyn Richards (TX) from Region III received special mention for their good play.

The other game in this age group had Region IV, who already qualified for the finals, taking on Region II. A win or tie for Region II would put them in the finals as well. In a closly contested match Region IV prevailed 3-1. Region IV was led by teammates Katie Mahoney (CA) and Kari Schmidt (CA). Each had a goal and assist. The other goal was scored by Alele Letro (CA) assisted by Amy Burlingham (CA). Region IV goalie Arianna Criscione (CA) had a shutout in her only half of action. Natalie Budge (OR) and Shannon Foley (CA), from Region IV, received special mention. The Region II goal was scored by Nicole Cauzillo (MI). Jessica Rostedt (OH), Becky Sauerbrunn (MO) and Jen Buczkowski (IL) were mentioned for their outstanding play for Region II.


The afternoon games had the Regional teams in the 1984 age bracket against each other. On Field 2, Region I needing a win to advance to the finals took on Region III. Knowing they held their fate in their own hands, Region I fought to a 3-1 win. Goals were scored by Lydia McBath (VA), Christina Ferraris (CT), and Alexandra Krieger (VA) for Region I. Alexandra Krieger (VA) also had an assist in the game along with Manya Makoski (CT). The lone goal for Region III was knocked in by Jessica Bransford (TN).

In the other match in this age group, Region IV needed a win or a tie to advance to Saturdayís final. Region II needed to win in order to advance. Region IV prayers were answered as they got the invitation to the finals with a 3-0 win. Tallying goals for Region IV were Jamie Mangiardi (CA), who led the way with two goals and an assist, and Judy Coffman (CA). Joining Jaime with assists were Jennifer Farenbaugh (CA) and Jill Oakes (CA). Outstanding games were handed in by Region IV players Alicia True (CA), Pam Karakusis (CO) and Brittany Cooper (NM). Goalkeepers Jessica Keller (CO) and Anna Key (CA) shared the shutout. Players receiving special note from Region II include Goalkeeper Emily Kowalski (OH), who recorded a shutout in the half she was in goal, Heidi Hollenbeck (WI) and Heather Ferron (WI).


In the final qualifying games of the day Region II played Region III and Region IV took on the US U16 National Team. Region I, who already qualified for the finals, had a bye. In the Region first match, Region II handled Region III 3-0. Mary Boland (OH) scored two goals and Sara Randolph (OH) knocked in the third. Assisting on the goals were Shawn Reynolds (OH) and Abby Shepherd (MI). Kate Taylor (WI) and Lauren Monica (MI) shared time in goal for the shutout. Region II player noted for exceptional play were Leslie Osbourne (WI), Tara Hurless (IL) and Lindsay Tarpley (MI).

In the last appearance by the US U16 National Team, they recorded a 3-0 win over Region IV. Kristin Weiss (OH) knocked in the first and last goals and Marian Dalmy (CO) booted in the second. Stacy Lindstrom (CA) and Kristin Weiss (OH) were praised for their strong play. Jenny Anderson (CA), Carly OíConnor (CA), Mallory Moser (CA) and Kelly Smith (CA) turned in great games for Region IV.

Consolation and Finals Summary by Age Group

With National Team Coaches April Heinrichs, Tracey Leone, and Steve Swanson in attendance to pick their National Team player pools for the upcoming year, three different Regions won National titles on the final day of the National Girls ODP Interregional. Region IV won the 1985-1986 age groups, while Region II and Region III won the 1983 and 1986 age groups respectively. Region I walked away without any titles, but they did finish second in each age group.


In the 1983 age group consolation game, Region IV beat Region III 1-0 on a goal from Natalie Sanderson (CA) with an assist by Kelli Smith (CA). Sara Lombardo (CA) and Mallory Moser (CA) combined on the shutout in goal for Region IV.

In the final, Region II held on for a thrilling 4-3 win over Region I. Lindsay Gusick (MI) scored for the Region II team, with assists being credited to Leslie Osborne (WI) and Sara Randolph (OH). Region II stretched the lead to 2-0 when Lindsay Tarpley (MI) headed the ball into the back of the net. Jamie Fabrizio (IN) got the assist on the goal. Mary Boland (OH) also scored an unassisted goal for Region II. In the first minute of the second half, Region I got on the board when Amy Grady (CT) put one past the keeper. Also scoring for Region I was Casey McCluskey (VA) and Tiffany Weimer (CT). Tara Hurless (IN) put Region II on top for good in the 82nd minute with her game winning goal. Special mention goes to Taline Tahmassian (VA) and Sue Flamini (NJ) of Region I for their outstanding play during the game.

Final Standing:
Region II
Region I
Region IV
Region III

Top Goal Scorer:
Mary Boland (OH), Region II


The third place game pitted Region II versus Region III.2-1. Region II got the scoring started when Erin Konheim (MI) scored with an assist from Kristen Zmljewski (IL). Lori King (IL) got the game winner from Emma Harris (MI) who received the assist. Geneil Newburn (TN) scored for Region III with an assist from Kasey White (TX), but it wasnít enough as Region II edged past Region III 2-1. Region II keeper Emily Kowalcyzk (OH), who split goalkeeper duties all week with fellow teammate Cindy Bennett (MI), received top goalkeeper honors in this age group. She did not allow a goal all week.

In the Championship game, Region IV scored a shutout victory over Region I 2-0. No game report was filed for that contest.

Final Standing:
Region IV
Region I
Region II
Region III

Top Goal Scorer:
Jamie Mangardi (CA), Region IV


In the consolation game, Region II beat Region III 2-0. Region II goals were by Jessica Rostedt (OH) unassisted, and Kristen Radcliffe (IL) with Katherine Krambeer (MN) given the assist. Goalkeepers from Region II, Lana Bannerman (IL) and Julie Ryder (IL) combined for the shutout.

In the finals of this age group, Region IV posted a 2-0 win over Region I. Tina Estrada (CA) scored the first goal on a breakaway created by a through pass from Angela Woznjuk (CA). Katie Mahoney (CA) sealed the victory for Region IV when she scored from a miscleared pass. Arianna Criscione (CA) recorded a shutout and had several stops on breakaways to preserve the shutout.

Final Standing:
Region IV
Region I
Region II
Region III

Top Goal Scorer:
Olivia OíRear (TX), Region III

In a game delayed because of bad weather, Region IV took third place by defeating Region II 3-2. A formal game report was not filed by Region IV. The Region II goals were tallied by Amanda Cinalli (OH) unassisted, and Marti Desjariais (WI) with an assist from Nikki Tizzano (OH).

Region III took on Region I in the final of this age group with region III prevailing 2-0. Ashley Toussaint (GA) scored both goals for Region III. She also received top goal-scorer for this age group.

Final Standing:
Region III
Region I
Region IV
Region II

Top Goal Scorer:
Ashley Toussaint (GA), Region III

NOTE: The following National Pool lists will be released on December 10, 2000:

United States U16 Pool Team

United States U19 Pool

The NSCAA All Americans were chosen from this event, but the list will be released by NSCAA.

Don Gurney National Girls ODP Interregional November 2000 Boca Raton, Florida

1983 Bracket

Each team will play every other team. One team will have a bye each round. At the end of competition, the top team will be declared the champion. There is generally no final in a five team bracket.

Round 1
Region IV 0 - Region I 3
Region III 0 - U16 NT 2

Round 2
Region IV 0 - Region II 1
Region I 0 - U16 NT 2

Round 3
Region I 2 - Region III 0
Region II 0 - U16 NT 1

Round 4
Region III 0 - Region II 3
U 16 NT 3 - Region IV 0

Round 5
Region IV 1 - Region III 0
Region II 4 - Region I 3

Region I Points 3 -- 0 -- 3 -- 0 -- T -- 6 -- GF -- GA
Region II Points 3 -- 0 -- 3 -- 3 -- T -- 9 -- GF -- GA
Region III Points 0 -- 0 -- 0 -- 0 -- T -- 0 -- GF -- GA
Region IV Points 0 -- 0 -- 0 -- 3 -- T -- 3 -- GF -- GA


Champion -- Region II
Runner Up -- Region I
Third -- Region IV
Fourth -- Region III

Tie Breakers: Points, Head to Head (not with three tied), goals for (max 4 pg), goals against (max 4 pg), shootout

US Youth Soccer National Olympic Development Program Interregional Girls Academic All-American Team

Region I
Jessica Ballweg
Lindsay Shover
Nicole DePalma
Elizabeth Roberti
Jessica Trainor

Region II
Mary Boland
Sara Randolph
Christine Sinak
Ashley Swinehart

Region III
Andrea Hinshaw
Laura Johnson
Paige Ledford
Gwendolyn Oxenham

Region IV
Sarah Lombardo
Lisa Engel
Megan Kakadelas
Natalie Sanderson

1999 Girls ODP Thanksgiving Interregional Most Competitive in History

Tucson, 1999

With eighteen of twenty-four games decided by one goal, and three games decided by shootouts, the 1999 Girls ODP Interregional in Tucson, Arizona proved to be the most competitive in the history of the program. All four regions brought four regional teams in the 1982, 1983, 1984 and 1985 birth years. In addition, although not eligible for championships, the USSF U16 National Team and the U18 Canadian National Team also participated in the 1982 bracket.

Emphasizing the competitiveness of the competition, no team playing in a regional team-only bracket won all three of their games. Region IV won the championship in the oldest three age groups, with Region II 85s awarded the adidas Championship tee-shirts.

In a tournament format where all games had to have a winner, shootouts were done if the teams were tied at regulation. While no team had a 3-0 record, two regions had particularly successful days. Region III won every game on Thanksgiving, while Region II was perfect on the final day, winning every game with Regional Director Chris Christoffersen in attendance. Presenting championship tee-shirts with Mr. Christoffersen was Mr. Larry Monaco, Vice President of US Youth Soccer.

The teams played on the University of Arizona soccer complex. Adidas provided training gear and equipment for the event. The next event for Girls ODP is the U19 Interregional in Ft. Lauderdale with the US Youth Soccer/adidas Cup event in June in Houston.


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