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Location: Koh Tao, Thailand. Mission: accomplished.
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Whitney is currently a National Geographic Explorer and Marine Ecologist with the Pristine Seas Project. The mission of the project is to explore and protect the vital places in the ocean. Pristine Seas works with local communities, Indigenous Peoples, governments and partners to protect our ocean, but also areas that have been somehow degraded by human activities, so they can bounce back. Marine life thrives in these marine protected areas and provides multiple benefits to people, from food and coastal protection to jobs and economic revenue.

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Whitney no longer posts stories here. However, here is a random post from earlier blog stories . . .

Perched above Medellin

Kickin it in Medellin, one of the largest cities in Colombia. I'm couchsurfing with a really nice couple who live outside the city way up high in the mountains that flank the valley that the city is nestled in. It's incredible up here. So tranquil, so beautiful, and pretty much the most perfect climate I've been in yet.

To get to their house, I took the very impressive transit system from the bus terminal - the first place I've been with good public transport linked to where the buses come in! I didn't have to pay $10 in a cab to get to somewhere useful! Took the spacious, clean metro to a transfer station where I switched to a 'cable car' route in which I sat with 5 other people in a little cage on a cable that went up up up the flanks of the mountains. Then I switched to another cable route that carried me for many kilometers over the treetops of a huge natural park at the top of the mountain. I gazed at butterflies and birds and trails among the trees for about 10 minutes, flying above it all. It was great. Their house is in a cute little town perched on top of the mountain, and I've got my own room and feel perfectly fine passing the afternoon reading on the front patio with a cuppa coffee.

Metro-cable up the flanks of the mountains, above Medellin

Posted by Whitney 07/23/2011, revised 08/15/2011

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