Nik & Whitney, 2008
Nik and Whit heading toward another rock-climbing adventure outside Krabi, Thailand.
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Whitney is currently a National Geographic Explorer and Marine Ecologist with the Pristine Seas Project. The mission of the project is to explore and protect the vital places in the ocean. Pristine Seas works with local communities, Indigenous Peoples, governments and partners to protect our ocean, but also areas that have been somehow degraded by human activities, so they can bounce back. Marine life thrives in these marine protected areas and provides multiple benefits to people, from food and coastal protection to jobs and economic revenue.

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Snippets of Life: Part 1 - Fútbol en Argentina

Old problems rise again. What is it this time? It's the beloved old challenge of taking in all the beauty, adventure, and fun that life offers, and turning it back out in written form in order to share it with all of you. Often, the silence that transpires on this page is a good sign - an indication that my days are filled with life and the living of it.

So I must apologize for the brevity of the following posts, but I can no longer stay hung up on trying to write of my adventures in detail. I will instead simply have to catch you up with a few smatterings of thought and rely on photos to do most of the talking.

So let's rewind to 5 weeks ago, when I embarked on a 9-day stint in Argentina with the USFQ fútbol team. One tournament, 13 girls, 8 games. The tournament was in the city of Córdoba, and as this was not a sight-seeing trip, this was essentially the extent of what I saw of Argentina. But I can tell you that this was all I needed to know that I will someday return to Argentina to get to know it properly. There was something about the land, the people, the life... something that planted a seed in my heart that makes me want to know this country enough to be able to say "I love Argentina!"

Posted by Whitney 03/27/2011, revised 04/07/2011

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