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A Quick Look at Remote Support Programs:  TeamViewer
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Download TeamViewer Portable for the Helper and TeamViewer QuickSupport for the Client. TeamViewer Portable and QuickSupport require neither installation nor registration. TeamViewer is free for personal, non-commercial use.

(Note: Beware that TeamViewer updates versions frequently, and both Helper and Client must use the same version.)

Person receiving help (henceforth referred to as "Client") launches TeamViewerQS.

Depending on computer configuration, Client may need to allow TeamViewer to run in User Account Control popup.

Client clicks "I Agree" to TeamViewer EULA.

TeamViewerQS will display an ID and Password. Relay these credentials to the person providing help.

Person providing help (henceforth referred to as "Helper") launches the TeamViewer Portable program. Since Helper is not allowing remote control of the Helper's computer, disregard the Helper's ID and Password.

Enter ID provided by Client in "Partner ID" box, then click "Connect".

Helper next enters password provided by Client in the popup password box, and clicks "Log On".

Once connection is established, Client's background will turn black and Helper will see Client's screen in a window on Helper's screen. Both Helper and Client now have simultaneous control of Client's mouse and keyboard, and both can see what each other is doing on Client's screen.

Client's screen will show a connection popout box, which can be minimized by clicking the tab.

Helper has a dashboard at the top of window with extra controls, which include taking a screenshot, session recording, and file transfers.

File Transfer window provides an Explorer-type tree showing files and folders on both the Helper's and Client's computers. Files can be transferred in either direction.

Either side can terminate the session by closing TeamViewer windows. Completely close the program by clicking the 'X' in upper right corner of each remaining ad window when session is finished.

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