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A Quick Look at Remote Support Programs:  AnyDesk
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Download AnyDesk, which works for both Helper and Client. AnyDesk can be run as a portable app that requires neither installation nor registration. AnyDesk is free for personal use.

The person receiving help (henceforth referred to as "Client") should launch AnyDesk as an administrator. Instead of double-clicking to launch the program, right-click and select "Run as administrator".

(Note: If the Client forgets to launch as an administrator, the Helper can subsequently request elevation after the connection is established.)

Client must click "Yes" if a UAC popup appears.

Meanwhile, Helper also launches AnyDesk. AnyDesk assigns each computer with an ID number.

Client relays her ID to Helper. Helper inserts her ID into the Remote Desk box, and clicks "Connect".

Click "Allow access" if you receive this popup.

Helper's computer now attempts to connect to Client's computer. Client must click the green "Accept" button. If there are two "Accept" buttons, click the one with the shield on it.

If prompted by a UAC window, Client must click "Yes" to allow AnyDesk to control the computer.

Helper can now see Client's screen. Note Client's screen has two overlapping windows: the AnyDesk main window and superimposed over that is the AnyDesk connection window.

On Helper's screen is Helper's AnyDesk main window, which is displaying Client's screen. On Client's screen, Helper can see Client's AnyDesk main window and connection window.

Both Helper and Client now have simultaneous control of Client's mouse and keyboard, and both can see what each other is doing on Client's screen.

Client's AnyDesk main window is no longer needed, so Helper can close it to avoid confusion. Client's connection window can be minimized, but do no close it or the connection will be dropped. Likewise, Helper's main window should not be closed or the session will be terminated.

Helper can transfer files by clicking the File Transfer button on Helper's main window.

The File Transfer window allows files to be transferred in either direction.

Either side can terminate the session by closing the AnyDesk window. A popup will offer to install AnyDesk. Click "No" if you plan to continue using AnyDesk as a portable app in the future.

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