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Restoring from a Backup Image with Paragon Backup & Recovery 2010
In this illustration, the Paragon Backup & Restore utility will be used to restore the system's OS partition. The image is stored on a secondary hard disk, and contains a backup of only the OS partition with no additional partitions.

The task will be started from Windows, but will reboot to finish the task outside Windows.
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Step 1:
Launch the Paragon Backup & Recovery program.

Then click [Restore] in the left pane.

Step 2:
Click [Next] to continue.

The following procedures will first select the backup image, then the target destination to where it will be restored.

Step 3:
Select the backup to be restored from Paragon's archive database.

If you know an archive exists but don't see it listed, use Paragon's "Archives" menu item to browse your system for the backup image and add it to Paragon's database. (You can do that with the gold "cylinder" icon with the green plus symbol on it.)

Then click [Next] to continue.

Step 4:
Next select which content from the image you wish to restore. In this case, the image contains only a single partition.

We will restore the entire image, so do not click the plus sign nor select individual files.

Click [Next] to continue.

Step 5:
Now that we have selected what to restore, we need to select a target destination.

Click the disk and partition onto which you want the restore to be applied.


You do not want to accidentally overwrite the wrong partition!

Click [Next] to continue.

Step 6:
If the destination partition is a different size from the original source partition, this screen will allow you to resize the partition if necessary.

In most cases you can leave this alone and click [Next] to continue.

Step 7:
Click [Finish] to complete the task setup.

The task has now been queued, but will not start until you apply the command.

Step 8:
Click the [Apply] button.

Step 9:
Take a deep breath, and click [Yes] to start the task.

Step 10:
The destination partition will now be overwritten. Since this cannot be done while Windows is running, the Paragon program will need to restart the computer and run from outside Windows.

Click the "Restart the computer" button.

Step 11:
The computer will reboot, but the Windows startup process will be diverted to the Paragon program.

Step 12:
The Paragon program will take over and begin writing the contents of the backup image onto the target partition.

Allow it to proceed to completion. This may typically take from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the amount of content and the speed of the backup media.

(Note: disregard the wildly inaccurate "Time to finish" estimate. You'll get a much more realistic estimate yourself by comparing the "Done" and "All" figures.)

Step 13:
When the restore process is complete, the dialog box will report, "Press any key to continue."

Reboot the computer and it should boot into the restored Windows.

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