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Restoring From Backup Image with Paragon Rescue CD
In this illustration, the Paragon Backup & Restore utility will be used to restore the system's OS partition. The image is stored on a secondary hard disk, and contains a backup of only the OS partition with no additional partitions.

In this illustration, the task is accomplished by booting from a Paragon Rescue CD.
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Step 1:
Insert the Paragon Boot CD, and boot the computer from it. (Note the exact procedure for booting from a CD may vary from one computer to another. Consult the instructions from the computer manufacturer.)

Select the option to boot in "Normal Mode". If this doesn't work, start over and try booting in "Safe Mode" or "Low-Graphics Safe Mode".

Step 2:
Be patient. It may take several minutes while Paragon assesses the system before getting to the main menu.

Once at the main menu, select "Paragon Backup & Recovery".

(Note this boot CD is from Paragon 2013, but it can restore 2010 backup images as well.)

Step 3:
Select the target partition to be restored.

** WARNING!! **

This process is opposite that of the Windows-based Restore operation! In the Windows-based procedure you select the backup image first, then select where to put it. In this CD-based procedure you select the destination first and select the backup image second.

Make sure you click the correct target partition here. You do not want to accidentally overwrite the wrong partition!

Then select "Restore Partition" in the left pane.

Step 4:
Now navigate to the backup image. If on a local disk, select the appropriate disk.

(Alert: Do not rely on drive letters here. The drive letters as seen from within Windows may be different from the drive letters as seen by the Paragon CD. Explore the folders under each drive letter to confirm you've selected the intended drive.)

Step 5:
Navigate through the folders and select the desired backup image.

Highlight the backup image (it should be in *.PBF format) and click [Open].

Step 6:
In the confirmation dialog box, confirm the target destination ("partition 0, disk 0" in this example).

If the destination partition is a different size from the original source partition, this screen will also allow you to resize the partition if necessary.

In most cases you can leave this alone and click [Restore] to continue.

Step 7:
The task has now been queued, but will not start until you apply the command.

Click the [Apply] button in the left pane.

Step 8:
Take a deep breath, and click [Yes] to start the task.

Step 9:
The Paragon program will begin writing the contents of the backup image onto the target partition.

Allow it to proceed to completion. This may typically take from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the amount of content and the speed of the backup media.

Step 10:
When the restore process is complete, the dialog box will report, "All operations have been finished".

Step 11:
Exit the Backup & Recovery program.

Step 12:
Remove the Paragon CD, reboot the computer, and it should boot into the restored Windows.

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