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How to Install Avast 2017 with Minimalist Settings
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Download and launch the installer for Avast Free Antivirus.

Do not click the [Install] button on this screen!!

First make sure you deselect the checkboxes at the bottom so you don't get unintended junkware!

Then click the [Customize] button to continue.

Change the installation type to "Minimal protection". Then add back in any additional components you think you want.

"Behavior Shield" and "Rescue Disk" may be useful to some people, but the rest of the components are bells and whistles of little value or are features better handled by other products.

Then click the [Install] button, and sit back and wait while Avast installs itself.

Note that version 2017 allows you to change your mind about components after the installation is finished. By going to "Settings" and then "Components", you can install or uninstall any components at a later time.

I recommend starting with minimal protection and experimenting with additional components later.

Even though the product is free, its license must still be activated every 12 months. To activate your copy of the program:

You may also wish to change the following settings:
Be sure to click the green [OK] button to save any changes.
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