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after qualifying for the Regional Spelling Bee Championships
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receiving my diploma from WU President Pelton
May 2002
About Kim Goodell . . .
I am a triathlete and coach in Boulder, Colorado, and run my own website,

After seven lively, crowded, high-speed years in Chicago, I moved to Madison, Wisconsin, to be closer to all the hills and open roads a cyclist could want. After a few Wisconsin winters I moved back to California, but found I missed the hills and country roads that lured me to the sport of triathlon in the first place, so two years later relocated to Colorado. This is a triathlete's paradise!

My success in triathlons led me to begin coaching others, from beginners to serious athletes. I've coached in Chicago, Madison, San Jose/Silicon Valley, and Boulder, focusing primarily on women's training programs.

I've come a long way from those teen days when I used to lie to my PE teacher to get out of running the mile, and whine to my parents about the trials and traumas of being forced to ride my bike to school. Despite the fact that I only joined the swim team because it was the one sport that didn't make me sweaty, I always did love swimming (a little secret my high school coaches would probably be interested to know...)

After spending my college years immersed in Theatre and Art projects, I returned to athletics in my early 20s, and was actually a little surprised to discover a passion for swimming, biking and running.

These days, people always ask which sport I like the best.

Lucky me, I love all three.

Random post from earlier blog stories . . .

Kim completes her first Half-Ironman

Kim won a raffle in February for entry into her first half-ironman in Rockford IL on Sunday. The original weather predictions were in the 90's and humid, not great conditions for a 5-6 hour endurance test. But they ended up with storms instead of heat.

I guess there were about 500 participants...with everyone starting the swim at the same time. There were only guys around her during the swim and she's decided guys are messy swimmers. She got elbowed in the face by someone.

She was in first place starting the bike split, ahead of the woman Pro in the race! During part of the 56 mile bike ride she felt like she was in a hurricane as the storm front came through. Then she was out in the wide open with nobody around when she started seeing lightning. She said it made her ride faster to try to finish the last 6 miles!

She finished 5th overall among the women, which should mean $200 in prize money. Might almost cover her expenses (hotel/travel), but she may "break" even by the fact that when she got home she broke her blender, dropping it when she was trying to make a smoothie (lack of coordination after the exertion).
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