ball Bay Oaks Blasters
Ivan Growl, Coach
Andy Bonchonsky, Trainer
Under-15 Girls

team pic
top: Jessica, Maura, Coach Ivan, Whitney G, Allie, Christina, Coach Andy, Alana, Robin
middle: Zarinah, Shannon, Whitney T, Kristen, Michaela, Haley
bottom: Marisa, Maddy

1st Place (U16), San Francisco Cup, 5/00
1st Place, California Cup, 7/00
1st Place, Mustang Stampede, 8/00
3rd Place, DeAnza Cup, 8/00
2nd Place (U16), Santa Rosa Champions Cup, 8/00
1st Place, El Dorado Shootout, 9/00
The U15 Blasters were undefeated in CYSA District 4 league play for 5 consecutive years. For the Fall 2000 season the U15 Blasters have been moved up to play in the U19 age group. Despite the four-year age difference of many of their opponents, the Blasters proved to be tough competitors and finished the Fall 2000 league season in 2nd place, just one-half game behind the first place team.

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