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Heading out for a night dive off Koh Tao, Thailand.
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August 08 in Europe

Aaaalllriiight. It's been a while, eh? I've moved around a bit since the last time I wrote... I bet a lot of you didn't know that I've spent the last month in Europe. Well I did. At the end of July, I bought a last minute, on-a-whim ticket to London, and I've since spent a few weeks in Edinburgh, Scotland and a few weeks in France.

I haven't spent extended periods of time on the internet, so I've never gotten around to writing a blog about it all. But it's been quite an experience! I don't really know how to summarize the last month in this blog entry, nor do I have the energy to take on such a task, but I figure everyone likes looking at pictures, right?

So see the link to my photo album of England, Scotland, and France. Enjoy!

Me goofing around at the Eiffel Tower

My itinerary of the last month has looked like this:

  • 1 night: London
  • 2 weeks: Edinburgh, Scotland, with a 2-day trip to the Highlands
  • 1 1/2 weeks: French countryside
  • 1 week: Paris
  • Currently, I have 1 1/2 weeks left in France, and I'm hoping to spend it in Bordeaux, where I have a couple friends I'm hoping to meet up with.

In 1 1/2 weeks, I catch a flight out of Paris to Bangkok, Thailand to meet up with Nik (my brother, for those of you unfamiliar with the family). Nik and I will then spend the next few months adventuring around SE Asia, eating great food, staying in bungalows on beautiful islands, lazing about in hammocks, doing some SCUBA diving, finding some great rock-climbing, and pretty much just living the life... for cheap! Yay!

So there you have it. If that update didn't suffice, feel free to email me! I'd much rather tell you more about it personally than sitting here trying to figure out how to describe the last 5 weeks for the general audience.

Posted by Whitney 08/24/2008, revised 08/24/2008

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