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Notes on Tamarack 2400FS USB slide/film scanner

Documan 3.1 driver works in XP.

Could not get parallel-port connection to work. Perhaps driver only supports USB.

USB connection works fine, but apparantly limited to USB 1.0 speeds.

Driver does not appear to be fully TWAIN-compliant. I could not get other TWAIN applications to access scanner. I could only access scanner through Documan.

Documan interface is adequate, but spartan. Save and open image in another application to do any real editing.

Documan will not automatically save files. It will scan multiple slides/film at once, but each image must be manually saved one at a time.

Documan can only save files in .bmp format. Another application must then be subsequently used to change the file format to .tif or .jpg.

A 2400-dpi scan is appx. 21.6 MB in .bmp format, or about 1.0 MB in .jpg format.
A 1200-dpi scan is appx. 5.4 MB in .bmp format, or about 0.2 MB in .jpg format.

Scan speed:
for 4 slides: 3.5 mins at 1200-dpi, 6.0 mins at 2400-dpi.

Scan alignment:
Scans are slightly cut off on one edge, black border on the other edge. Alignment gets progressively worse from Slide #1 to Slide #4 in the slide holder.

Color accuracy:
Colors are reasonably accurate, but somewhat washed out. Yellows seem to wash out the most. Images shown here have been adjusted in Paintshop Pro to decrease gamma and increase color saturation, but colors are still not as vibrant as on the original slide.

Dynamic range:
Scans are fair, showing some detail in shadows without washing out bright highlights.

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