How to Install Avast 9 In Windows 8

Install the old version. You do not want the latest version because it adds too many extra "features" that slow the computer down, and too many annoying popup ads.

(Unfortunately, Avast 9 also has some pop-up ads, but it's less intrusive than the latest versions, and Avast version 8 does not work on Windows 8.)

First make sure you deselect the checkboxes at the bottom so you don't get unwanted junkware!

Then click the [Custom installation] button.

Click [Continue].

In the middle column, deselect everything except "Rescue Disk". Some people may wish to install "Browser protection" and/or "Browser Cleanup", though those may interfere with some legitimate webpages.

Then click [Continue].

Click [Continue].

Click [Continue].

Let the program install itself.

Click [Done].

Avast will automatically start. Click "Skip this tutorial" to get to the main screen.

In the left panel of the main screen, click "Settings".

In the left panel of the Settings screen, click "Update".

Under "Virus Definitions", click "Settings", and make sure "Automatic update" is selected.

Under "Program", click "Settings", and make sure "Manual update" is selected.

Click [OK] to save changes.

Get back to the "Settings" screen again, and click "Registration" in the left panel.

Click "Offline Registration", then "Insert the license key".

Copy/paste your license key into the dialog box that pops up.

author: Dan Goodell
last revised: 02/14/2017