How to Add a Gmail Account

Step 1:
Start by accessing the System Settings. On some phones you may get there from the Home screen by tapping the [Settings] key, which may appear as or as and may be at the top or bottom.

Step 2:
Scroll down to "Accounts", and tap "Add account".

Step 3:
Tap "Google".

Step 4:
Tap "Existing".

Step 5:
Enter your gmail address and password, then tap the right-pointing triangle.

Step 6:
To cut down on annoyances from Google, make sure you deselect the "Keep me up to date..." checkbox. Then tap "OK".

Step 7:
Tap "Not now" to skip configuring Google Plus for now.

Step 8:
To make purchases on the Google Play store, you'll need to setup Google Wallet with your credit card info. Tap "Not now" to skip setting up Google Wallet for now.

Step 9:
For now, deselect the checkbox and tap the right-pointing triangle.

Step 10:
The account is now added and the phone will begin syncing with your Google account. Tap the account name and deselect categories you don't want synced to the phone.

Step 11:
The main items you want synced are Calendar, Contacts, and Gmail. You may also choose to sync Browser and Photos. Deselect all other checkboxes unless you feel you need them.

author: Dan Goodell
last revised: 05/12/2013