Old Computer Stuff (FREE)

Various 120VAC Power Transformers
These belonged to electronic equipment which are now long gone, but the power supplies still work.
  • 1.45V 120mA to 5.0mm barrel plug
  • 3.7V 340mA to 3.5mm barrel plug
  • 4.5V 600mA to 4.0mm barrel plug
  • 5.0V 1.0A to 5.5mm barrel plug
  • 5.0V 1000mA to 2.5mm barrel plug
    (Verizon LG-VX3200)
  • 5V 2A to 5.5mm barrel plug
    (Linksys PAP2)
  • 5.2V 500mA to mini-B USB plug
    (Palm Z-22)
  • 5V/12V 1.5A/1.5A to DIN-6 plug
    (LG GSA-5163D)
  • 6.0V 350mA to 5.5mm barrel plug
    (AT&T 1718)
  • 6-8V 200mA to screw terminals
  • 8.4V 400mA to Qualcomm flip phone plug
  • 9V 200mA to 3.0mm phono plug
  • 13V 800mA to 5.5mm barrel plug
  • 20V 3.5A to bare leads
    (Dell laptop)
12V car charging cables
Miscellaneous car adapters. New, never used. One terminates in a 3.5mm barrel plug, another in a 5.5mm barrel plug, and the other two have proprietary connectors for old Verizon flip-phones. Connectors may not fit modern phones, but could be cut off if you wanted to customize your own adapter.
Camcorder Battery, Charger
  • NP-77H battery for certain Sony Hi-8 and Mini-DV camcorders
  • matching charger includes 120VAC and 12VDC car adapters
  • new, never used
These were bought for an old Hi-8 camcorder that supposedly had a dead battery, but it turned out the camcorder itself was dead.
  • Roller-ball mouse (not optical)
  • PS2-type connector
  • new, never used
  • 3 available
Powerline Networking Adapter
  • Netgear XE102 Wall-Plugged Bridge
  • extends your ethernet network over your 120V house wiring
  • great for apartments or rooms where you cannot run network cables
  • great for connecting equipment that isn't wifi-enabled
  • 10 Mbps throughput
  • 3 available
These are used, and were taken out of service when replaced by newer, 200 Mbps units.
2-Piece Speaker System
  • Creative SBS20
  • Left/right desktop speakers
  • with AC adapter and audio cable
  • well-used, but still works fine
3-Piece Speaker System
  • Midland MLi-460
  • Subwoofer with left/right satellite speakers
  • with AC adapter and audio cable
  • well-used, but still works fine
IBM Thinkpad Reinstallation Discs
  • for IBM Thinkpad T41, T41p, R50, R50p
  • 5-CD set of OEM Reinstallation media
Dell Reinstallation Disc
  • Windows XP Home Edition
  • OEM Reinstallation CD, never used
  • only for Dell computers that came with Windows XP
  • 11 copies available, plus 1 copy of XP Professional
Dell Reinstallation Disc
  • Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
  • OEM Reinstallation DVD, never used
  • only for Dell computers that came with Windows 7
  • 3 copies available
Dell PE750 Setup Discs
  • for Dell PE750 Server
  • systems management, RAID driver, utilities
Miscellaneous Other CDs, including:
  • WordPerfect
  • Roxio Creator Starter
  • Broderbund PrintMaster 12 (for Win95-XP)
  • VIA P4X-266A motherboard utilities disc
  • PNY Verto video card driver disc
  • BFG Nvidia video card driver disc
  • MGI Video Wave disc
  • Asus DVD Suite (Power2Go software)
  • Epson Stylus NX420 Installation Disc
  • TI calculator Resource disc
  • Misc other devices
    (Linksys, D-Link, Asus, Brother, etc.)
5.25" Floppy Discs
  • new, never used
  • 120 discs
  • with 6 plastic storage cases
Used Sprint Smartphone
  • Galaxy Nexus SPH-L700 (2012 model)
  • 4.7" touchscreen, Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean)
  • Unlocked and rooted
  • AC adapter, earbuds and extra battery
Used smartphone in fair condition (numerous small scratches on screen). Two batteries, but neither holds a full day's charge anymore. Phone is wiped and reset, unlocked and rooted. Clean IMEI, ready for use on Sprint or any Sprint-compatible MVNO (such as Straight Talk, NetZero, Republic Wireless, Ting, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, et al.)

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean was the last version made for this smartphone, but Recovery partition includes a ROM for the Cyanogenmod version of Android 4.4.4 if you prefer.
Verizon Cellphone
  • LG VX4650
  • AC adapter and extra battery
  • USB to PC cable (need software)
Old Verizon flip-phone. Not much use these days, but may be useful to someone with a contract and a broken phone who needs to just get by for a few months until they qualify for a new phone from Verizon.

Phone works, but is not tied to any active Verizon account right now.
Video Pattern Creator/Editor
  • Showtime ShowMaster Special Effects Creator
Uses two or more video feeds, cut and fade from one feed to another, with special effects patterns. Adjust color and brightness.

Used a couple times 30 years ago to edit some home videos, but has been sitting in the attic for the last couple decades.

This used to be cutting-edge stuff for home video editing back then, but these days a decent smartphone can probably do some of this stuff.

Click lower photo for a closeup view.

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