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Old Canon Video Camera System - NOT WORKING

Canon VC-10 camera and carry case
Canon VR-20 portable recorder and carry case
Canon VT-10 tuner

(Note: tripod not included!)

The VT-10 tuner draws power from a 120VAC wall outlet, and provides 12VDC power to the VR-20. The tuner was designed to provide analog TV signals to the video recorder via an OTA TV antenna, as well as power. I believe this unit still works, but have no way of testing it.

The VR-20 portable recorder includes a shoulder-slung carry case. It recorded onto full-size VHS tapes. (This VC-10/VR-20 combo is about 1980 vintage, and predated by several years the smaller, hand-held Sony Handicam, which also introduced a smaller videocassette format.) The VR-20 could be powered via an umbilical cord from the VT-10, or via a 12VDC cable (included) plugged into a car cigarette lighter, or via a NiCad battery. However, the original battery died decades ago and was not replaced.

The VC-10 shoulder-borne camera is powered by a cable plugged into the VR-20. Although the camera's viewfinder was monochrome, it recorded a color TV signal in SD (standard definition) on the VR-20.

The VR-20 powers up but does not play tapes anymore. It makes all the sounds and goes through the motions, but the VHS cassette does not turn. Perhaps a rubber belt has deteriorated or lost its elasticity over the years? This seems like a mechanical problem.

The VC-10 powers up but the viewfinder quickly goes to all white. It appears as though the auto-exposure is no longer functioning correctly. This seems like an electronics problem.

HP Laserjet 2100n Printer

Old Hewlett-Packard Laserjet 2100tn printer. Has driver support for Windows XP/7/8/10.

This has an old-style 36-pin Centronics printer port and a RJ45 ethernet port. It does not have USB, but works well as a network printer.

Seen better days, but it still works. It needs a new toner cartridge -- the 6-yr old cartridge that's in it smears a lot of black toner over the page.

TI-59 Calculator Program Cards

Magnetic program cards for the TI-59 Programmable Calculator.

One wallet is new, with 40 unused cards.

The other wallet has 28 unused cards.

Desk Calculator

Solar powered. No batteries -- works fine with normal office lighting.

Like new. Never used.

Dell PS2 Keyboard

Original Dell keyboard (never used).

NOTE: This keyboard has the old-style PS2 connector. (Old-timers will remember the round, green and purple connectors for mouse and keyboard connections during the XP era.)

Most new computers use a USB connector, not this old PS2-style connector. (PS2-to-USB adapters are available to mate this keyboard with a computer's USB port, if you really want to make this keyboard work.)

Computer Workspace Power Stations

Two power distribution stations for desktop computer setups.

Rear panel has five AC power outlets for computer, monitor, printer, and two auxiliary devices. Front panel has five rocker switches to turn on/off the rear outlets, plus a master on/off switch.

NOTE: Not for use with a laser printer. Laser printers draw more power than surge strips or extensions cords are designed to handle.

(One taken, one remaining.)

OnePlus 8 Pro Screen Protector

Includes 3 pairs of protectors for front screen and rear camera.

This fits the OnePlus 8 PRO ONLY! It does not fit the regular OnePlus 8 smartphone.

Miscellaneous computer parts

Pentium 4 motherboard (never used), assorted SIMs/DIMMs (PC100 to DDR2), and box of 10 PCI ethernet adapters (never used).

Take all or part.

Miscellaneous computer parts
(NOTE: these floppy, CD and ZIP drives require floppy or IDE interface connections. Since modern computers no longer support floppy and IDE interfaces, these parts are being offered for older computers.)

Take all or part.


Take all or part.

Old Radeon 9250 Graphics Card

For motherboards with AGP 4X/8X graphics socket.

Old nVidia GeForce 8400 Graphics Card

For motherboards with PCI-e 2.0 graphics socket.

Old nVidia GeForce 6200 Graphics Card

For motherboards with AGP 8X graphics socket.

Old Wireless-G (54 Mbps) Routers

Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 Router
Flashed with DD-WRT firmware.

Linksys WRT-54GL Router
Flashed with DD-WRT firmware.

Linksys WAP-54G Wireless Access Point
Not a router - use this to add an additional Wireless Access Point to an existing network.

Video Pattern Creator/Editor IMPORTANT: THIS IS NOT FOR DIGITAL VIDEO! Designed for two or more analog video feeds, cut and fade from one feed to another, with special effects patterns. Adjust color and brightness.

Used a couple times 30 years ago to edit some home videos, but has been sitting in the attic for the last couple decades.

This used to be cutting-edge stuff for home video editing back then, but these days a decent smartphone can probably do some of this stuff.

Click lower photo for a closeup view.

Video Color Processor

This color processor is designed to let you correct color and contrast errors, create professional quality quality fade-ins and fade-outs, and eliminate unwanted color and video noise. This is useful when recording from one videotape to another, where you can correct some of the first tape's color distortion and insert fades-to-black.

IMPORTANT: THIS IS NOT FOR DIGITAL VIDEO! This device processes old-school, analog VCR video. If you're copying or dubbing old handicam videotapes, for example, plug this device between the handicam outputs and the inputs to your receiving device (such as a VHS recorder or computer with a video capture card) and you can color-correct the copy.

Input and output is via RCA jacks carrying a video signal. NOTE: no audio, so processes video signal only.

Like new, only used once or twice.

4x2 Audio Mixer

Homebrew 4-input, 2-output audio mixer for hobby bench. I built this device to mix audio for editing and overdubbing home videos.

Up to four audio input sources can be adjusted for audio level, and panned left to right. Left and right output channels can also be adjusted for output level.

Stereo Power Amp

Homebrew 2-channel 10W audio power amp for hobby bench. I built this device to drive a pair of low-power monitor speakers while servicing audio preamps, mixers and tape decks.

This device is built around a pair of 10W Sanken SI-1010Y Integrated Circuit Power Amp modules.

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