Personalized Poems - Holiday Letter

Which way's the soccer field? Which way's the pool?
How many kids do I take to school?
Who needs some money? Who lost a sock?
Is someone at the front door? I think I heard a knock.

Kids going this way, spouses going that,
and then to make it livelier, just add a dog and cat.
Need to see the dentist? Need to see the vet?
Put it on the calendar or else we might forget.

I steal a quiet moment here, they're few and far apart.
I need to look within myself and listen to my heart.
And then to look outside again and gain a broader view;
For life is not just family, it's friends and strangers too.

The holidays remind us of the things we hold so dear,
of all that we've been blessed with in the passage of the year.
We'll take some time to send our love to those both far and near,
to pray for peace and brotherhood and wish you all good cheer.

Then back to the fracas, back to the fray,
back to being frazzled at the end of every day.
And yet we're not complaining. We'll take it all in stride.
If everything were easy, we wouldn't be satisfied.

We wouldn't trade our busy days for lives sedate and staid
The cost to us in stress and strain is constantly repaid.
And even if we write to you no more than at yearend,
a year's worth of wishes is what we want to send.

Happy Holidays!

Copyright 1995 Lucy Goodell