Personalized Poems - Employee Farewell

(poem for a work associate making a career change)

He was long in the lanks and dry in the wit,
And working the financials didn't bother him a bit.
He could do a presentation with a marker and a board.
He had money-saving strategies that brought him his reward.
He was master of the 'T' account; the numbers never lie.
He had mighty aspirations, just the same as you and I.

He walked
He talked
He schemed
He dreamed

His favorite kind of restaurants had Japanese cuisines
He sampled their wasabi as a break from counting beans.
He had a reputation with a baseball and a bat.
He signed up for the softball team and then recruited Matt.
And that was not the only sport that he and Matt enjoyed
When things got hot and tensions rose, the nerf guns were deployed.

He dined
He signed
He stayed
He played

He's long on stories, quick on jokes
And has a way of pleasing folks.
He saw his chance to grab the ring
And see what his career would bring.
It's happened now, he's on his way
I can't believe he leaves today.

He signed
He chose
He goes

His stature's tall, his humor's wry;
Mighty aspirations, the same as you and I.

Copyright 1997 Lucy Goodell