Personalized Poems * Custom Greetings * Made-To-Order Messages

Tell us the occasion
And tell us who it's for,
List outstanding features
And a couple items more.

We will write a poem
Using data that you send,
A made-to-order poem
To deliver to your friend.

You'll find us on a webpage
And pay us by the line,
We'll send by post or e-mail
Just text, or with design.

And something very special
On a very happy note:
We'll even write a song for you
If music floats your boat.

For those who really want to send
A greeting that's unique,
Our service is the perfect one
To give you what you seek.
Sample Poems
Employee Farewell
60th Wedding Anniversary
In Memory
14th Birthday
Successful Project
Co-worker Birthday
Holiday Letter
How to Order

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