It Begins

Bangkok is one of those cities that makes an impression the second you get there. However after you get over the smell and the traffic there actually is some wonderful wonders to be found. We were fortunate enough to be staying with a couchsurfer and he acted as our tour guide while we were in the city. Our first day we made our way by train, boat and taxi to Canchanaburi where there is a train bridge.

Jen got over the wonderful wonders quick.

After the rather unimpressive train bridge we rented motorbikes and headed up into the countryside to play with kitties at the Tiger Temple and to swim in the Erawan Waterfalls.

Pondering thinking about big thoughts

After seeing the site that Bangkok had to offer we hopped on an overnight bus and headed for the islands. The past week was spent on Ko Phagnan relaxing on the beach in front of our bangalow. We moved to Haad Rin yesterday in preparation for the Full Moon Party. Although our bangalow is among the cheapest available we found that passing the days at the resort next to us is a much more rewarding experience. Next week we'll head for Ko Tao to scuba and rock climb and just generally relax after our trying week here.


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