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1993 Goodell Family
holly Nigh Afore' Christmas
'Twas the fourth of December and all through the place
there were no decorations, not even a trace.
The stockings were still in the attic, I think,
along with the tree stand and lights that go blink.

Dan on computer and I with my pens
both knew we should write to our family and friends.
We needed to tell them of all we've been doing,
of trips and awards and of interests pursuing.

So now for your wondering (?) ears we will tell
of our Jen who can bat and our Kim who can spell,
of our Nik who plays soccer and baseball as well,
of our schedule that has us all running pell-mell.

Kim aimed once again for the spring County Bee
(in spelling, that is, and it's year number three).
"Spell chasten, spell chattel, spell feral and ferrous.
Now syndrome, now sorghum, now awestruck and heiress!"
She won at her school 'cause she spelled them all well,
but on her award they misspelled, "Gooddell"!

Jenny played softball, and Coach was her dad
She hit every pitch, and you know that's not bad.
But the sport that has really quite captured her heart
is soccer! She took to it right from the start.
She dribbles, she passes, she kicks the ball in.
With a forward like that, a team's sure to win.
Now fall season's over, she wants to play more
so we signed her for winter, there's more fun in store.

And Nik is the guy who can play every sport.
He's a goalie and good at it, so they report.
He is chosen each year for the post-season team
Among coaches and players he's held in esteem.
Dan managed the soccer, a new role this year
and people thought highly of him, too, I hear.

Autumn was busy, you must understand
we had THREE soccer players, a soccer coach, AND
a freshman in volleyball (Kim played two sports).
When we weren't at the fields, we were in on the courts

Jenny and I in the spring flew back east
where relatives gathered, a dozen at least.
There was Grandpa and Grandma and Norm and Louise,
Richard and Carol and Myra, and please
let's remember the cousins, magnificent three:
Alethea, Julia, Samuel, and gee!
there were even some cousins of mine stopping by.
We laughed some, we played some, too soon said goodbye.

With Kim now a freshman and Nik middle school
We have to keep up with what's in and what's cool.
Shirts must be flannel and jeans must be blue.
The phone's always busy; the bathroom is too.

We're still making music with trumpet and flute.
Jen likes piano, she'll plunk while we toot.

Tomorrow we'll look for a tree and the trim,
and after we get them, I'll leave it to Kim.
She loves to be artsy and she has a way
of making things festive for each special day.

So let me exclaim e'er I turn out the light:
SEASON'S GREETINGS, we love you,
and to all a good night!

Merry Christmas !
©copyright 1993 by Lucy Goodell, all rights reserved.