Kim Blazes Chicago Triathlon

Kim (and about 6,000 other athletes) participated in the Accenture Chicago Triathlon in August. She finished 103 of 6149 overall, 8th of 2078 women, and 2nd in her age group!

In June she competed in the 2007 USAT National Age Group Championship held in Oregon. Despite being out most of the past year rehabbing from a broken ankle, and this being only her second race ever at the Olympic distance, she finished an impressive 25th in the highly competive 25-29 age group! Here are some photos of her at the race.

Way to go, Kim!!

Kim racing at the Age Group Championships in Portland, Oregon.
Jun 2007

Kim continues to live and work in Chicago. Before the broken ankle cut short her season last summer, she travelled to California for the 2006 Napa Valley Triathlon, and finished second overall in the 2006 Elkhart Triathlon. In 2007 again competed at Elkhart, and finished first in her age group! She is now sponsored by Polar USA, and you can keep up with her events at the Team Polar-Chicago website. A list of her planned 2007 competitions is also available on the Team Polar website.

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