About Kim Goodell . . .
I am a triathlete and coach in Madison, Wisconsin.

After seven lively, crowded, high-speed years in Chicago, I'm happy to now be living just up the street from the nation's best Farmer's Market, and just a few miles away from all the hills and open roads a cyclist could want. I've coached in Chicago and Madison, focusing primarily on women's training programs.

I've come along way from those teen days when I used to lie to my PE teacher to get out of running the mile, and whine to my parents about the trials and traumas of being forced to ride my bike to school. Despite the fact that I only joined the swim team because it was the one sport that didn't make me sweaty, I always did love swimming (a little secret my high school coaches would probably be interested to know...)

After spending my college years immersed in Theatre and Art projects, I returned to athletics in my early 20s, and was actually a little surprised to discover a passion for swimming, biking and running.

These days, people always ask which sport I like the best.

Lucky me, I love all three.

Updated 07/12/2011.